• Dreana Johnson

What is Fresh Music Friday?

My favorite day of the week is here, baby. I live for the end of the week. Not only do I look forward to the weekends but I also look forward to the new tunes and art from your favorite artist favorite artists. It is a known phrase called Fresh Music Friday (or New Music Friday). And what’s better than going into the weekend with new music?

I think one of the most challenging things to do as a music lover is to keep up with new music while still cherishing the classics. Simply because there is sooo much music out there. New artists come out everyday – with a fresh look and a fresh sound looking to gain you as a fan. Then you have your veteran artists who… well… constantly dishes out hits.

Most individuals who listens to music listens to what they know. I know a lot of folks who still listen to 90’s music which is not a problem at all because that era had many bops! Okay. The only time people REALLY listens to new music is if they are familiar with the artist or if someone puts them on.

It’s me. I’m someone. Lol.

Fresh Music Friday is something I started about 2 months ago. Every week I take the time to listen to new music that is released from new and veteran artists and I make a playlist of what I think people will enjoy (in my opinion). I also grab a few of those from that playlist and add them to my Instagram story for my followers to see and hear. Sometimes all it takes is a 10 second clip for someone to say, “Who is this?!” Those are actually some of my favorite words to hear.

I imagine this playlist could be a good go to during a road trip, during rush hour times when you're stuck in traffic or when you're at home cleaning. I don't know about you, but new GOOD music is refreshing to my ears and soul.

I try my best to stay consistent with the weekly updates as it is a big task on my end. If for some reason it is not updated, know it is for a good reason and the updates will come soon. Fresh Music Friday is available on Spotify and iTunes. Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter to get those updates as well.

My favorite releases of today so far would be Jhené Aiko single None of Your Concern and Tory Lanez Chixtape 5. It is good to hear Ms. Lauryn Hill voice again on Guarding The Gates which is on the Queen & Slim Soundtrack that released today as well. Go check out the playlist and tell me which are some of your favorite releases.

Happy Fresh Music Friday.


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