• Dreana Johnson

Inspiration Behind 'Silhouette of Love III: All Star Edition'

This mix is strictly for the lovers. The ones who want to vibe out for hours and hours in the day… and night. The ones who hear a song and got to run it back because it reminded them of their significant other.

I started the 'Silhouette of Love' series back in 2017. Back before I even knew it would even become a series. It was actually the very first mix I recorded and released on my website and SoundCloud page. I remember thinking to myself, "I want to create something that I enjoy listening and vibing to and present it to the world." It is a smooth vibe that will for sure take you on a cool journey.

I love R&B and Soul music. A lot! It is actually my go to when I am not catering to others at parties or clubs. I always have listened to 'love' music on my CD player/iPod growing up. I swear I knew what they were talking about. But the music was so well composed that I felt every word. That comes from my mom because she loves music too. I remember her having so many records from Michael Jackson's Thriller to Cherrelle High Priority. And of course, like every other 90's baby, Sunday mornings were lit with tunes coming from our mismatch speakers in the living room. PRICELESS!

When I began to create Silhouette of Love, I knew I wanted it to be an all women line-up.I wanted to put together songs that would give women inspiration to be themselves no matter what. We live in such a male dominated world, I feel multi women platforms are necessary no matter what it is. So not only would my goal be to speak and inspire women through my words, but through my compilation of music as well. I wanted to be a voice for women though the mixes I created.

Silhouette of Love, Black Women Rock!, Women Entrapped, Queens, & Yours Truly are all mixes I created with an all female line-up.

I guess it's safe to say I am a sucker for love. I love giving and spreading it everywhere I go. Whether it's to a friend or a significant other, I feel love really makes the world go round.

This 3rd installment of this series is called the 'All Star Edition' because I added men to the line-up this time. A lot of people say R&B is dead but I beg to differ. There are a lot of great artists and songs out there that would put you in the mood. You just got to know who they are. And who is better to introduce you to some dope new artist other than 3 Snapz?

Each track on 'Silhouette of Love III' is a slow to mid-tempo, sexy type song. Songs you’ll hear if you're in the mood to slow dance or have fun with your lover. You should catch the vibe. I plan to keep this series going as it is my most popular mix.

I hope you enjoy listening to ‘Silhouette of Love’ as much as I did creating it. You can now stream it on my website & SoundCloud. Please feel free to share your snapz (reviews) with me when you’re done. You can leave a comment under this post or you can hit me up on any of my social media platforms. Also, feel free to follow me on iTunes and Spotify. There you will find playlists I created for any mood you may be in. :)

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!


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