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CEO. International DJ. Inspirationalist.

Dreana Johnson, (DJ, Inspirationalist and Author) is a brand of inspiration. Receiving her calling at a young age, Johnson always knew her purpose was to put positive energy into the world when she discovered the power of faith, determination, and commitment of overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals. Johnson knew that those characteristics would take her far in her journey of changing the world, one person at a time.


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"Whether it's DJing, writing or actively helping people achieve their goals and dreams, Dreana brings her A game and leaves nothing to chance."

- Dara Munson, CEO of Chicago Child Care Society

"I saw first-hand the awesome results that this DJ made happen! For those looking for a pro DJ and want a great event, do not hesitate to choose DJ 3Snapz"

- Tim Vernon, KraveLive Music Entertainment

"Remember this name, face & energy because they, like her spirit and tenacity, are in a league of their own."

- Toiné, Soul Hip-Hip Emcee, Lyricist + Spoken Word Artist

Inspirator. Entreprenur. Trailblazer.

Born and raised in Chicago, 3Snapz is motivated to not only use her crafts to survive, but to also use what she has learned to become more than what she has witnessed. The brand of Dreana Johnson aims to inspire and motivate individuals to live life and chase dreams no matter the circumstances.

"I booked Dreana ‘3 Snapz’ Johnson for my youth event. I was thoroughly impressed. Great music selection for youth. Very professional and timely. Highly recommended"


- Linnae Harper

Now Accepting Bookings. 

Dreana Johnson

"Dreana is one of the best DJ ever and let me tell she’s a very positive and motivating young adult. I will book her again."

- Tonya E Tooley-Bowie

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What's the latest on Dreana?

Motivator. Curator. Leader.

Dreana uses music, inspiring words, and motivational speaking and events to help women and the next generation of leaders and creatives curate the hits on their life’s playlist and write the lyrics to a song they’ll want to play and share over and over again.

Dreana Vinyl

"There is no other DJ for me… Dreana comes through every time. I will not host another event or party without her. Thank you for who you are and what you do!!!"

- Candice Vaughn

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